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Adding Sites:
Clear Lake reserves the right to edit all URL titles and descriptions. Furthermore, we reserve the right to reject any site as we see fit. Please see the guidelines below.
Submission Guidelines:
NOTE: Every URL submitted is reviewed by us. "Work From Home", "Get Rich" and "Affiliate" sites will be REJECTED without notice.
If you are adding a free link, we require that you link back to us. We will check your site for our link before your link is added to Clear Lake
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  • For your site to be considered, your business or organization must be located in the Bay Area.
  • Your site must not be "Under Construction".
  • Submit a brief phrase or sentence describing the content of the site. Please be concise and objective.
  • Description should not contain more that 25 words.
  • Please avoid repeating the site title or category name.
  • Please do not capitalize the first letter of every word or use HTML tags.
  • Don't use adjectives such as "best" or "greatest".
  • Affiliate and "get rich" sites will be rejected



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